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The Sea to Sky Nordics runs a cross country skiing program for children and teens. It is a club-run program that follows the skill development program set out by Nordiq Canada. The program’s philosophy is to encourage participation, interaction and the development of technical skiing skills in a fun and motivating atmosphere. It is based on the Long-Term Athlete Development model, where improvement within the sport is through exposure to activities that develop overall motor and sport skills. The focus is on having fun and developing a lifelong love of cross-country skiing.

The Program Stages

Bunnyrabbit Program (ages 4-5): an introduction to cross country skiing through organized activity and active play.
Jackrabbits Program (ages 6-9): a program to develop basic cross-country ski skills in both classic and skate skiing and to instill a lifelong interest in the sport.
Track Attack Program (ages 10-12): for skiers to become technically competent and to utilize those skills.
Adventure Skiers (13+): for skiers who want to enjoy recreational, adventure, and social aspects of skiing with peers.
Devo Program (13+) has a focus on technical skill development and endurance training to build race-ready skiers.

Bunnyrabbits and Jackrabbits 1 and 2 ski on classic skis exclusively. Jackrabbits 3/4, Track Attack, Adventure, and Devos practice both classic and skate techniques.

For more details, see the XC Programs Tab.


Our coaches have completed the appropriate training through the National Coaching Certification Program run by Nordiq Canada. Our coaches at the recreational level and program coordinators are volunteers.

Skill Development Program Coordinator

The skill development program (SDP) coordinators will be on snow to answer any questions you may have or assist in any way. To contact the program coordinators directly, please email.


Please see the calendar under the events tab.

Drop Off/Pick Up

Practices will meet in near the cross-country technical building at the cross country stadium at Whistler Olympic Park. This area is located on the the opposite side of the upper parking lot (P3) from the Day Lodge. On days that the XC stadium is being used for races, we will generally meet under the large jumps (in red).

Your child will be given a number to meet their group at. See map below for an idea of where your group will meet.

Skiers should arrive 15 minutes early for their practice time to get organized and be on snow at start time (earlier if you are renting equipment). If you do not have your WOP pass sorted before the first day, leave extra time for that.

Please let your child’s coach and/or the SDP coordinator know ahead of time if your child will be absent. Please be on time – you may not be able to find or catch up to your group.

Caregivers of children in Jackrabbits and Bunnyrabbits must sign their children in and out with their coach. Please ensure you are at the technical building to sign or child out at the end of their practices, so coaches do not need to wait for you.

Ensure your child is properly fed, hydrated, and has been to the washroom prior to practice. There is a washroom at the accessed from behind the XC technical building.

NOTE: There is no indoor space for children to stay in if they are unable to remain with their group. Please stay nearby so that you can pick up your child in the case of a mishap.

Whistler Olympic Park Pass

Get the pass here, for kids 7 and up.

Ski Equipment

  • Bunnyrabbits and Jackrabbits level 1 and 2 will need classic skis only. Bunnyrabbits will generally not use poles. Your coach will let you know when/if poles will be required.
  • Jackrabbits levels 3 and 4, Adventure, Devo, and Track Attack kids will need both classic skis and skate skis.


Equipment can be purchased at:

    • Valhalla Pure (Squamish)
    • Source for Sports (Squamish and Whistler)
    • Coast Outdoors (North Vancouver)
    • MEC (Vancouver and a small selection in North Vancouver)
    • Secondhand: various buy and sell and Nordic Facebook pages, Sports Junkies in Vancouver, the Sea to Sky Nordics webpage, and sometimes at WOP at the end of the season


Please ensure skis and poles are the correct height for your child and are properly waxed. This is vital and can make the difference between a fun ski day and a miserable one. You can see DIY waxing advice at the links tab in this section or get your skis waxed professionally at Whistler Olympic Park or Source for Sports in Whistler. Note: Waxless skis refers to not needing grip wax, glide wax is still necessary!

If you need to rent equipment, that service is available at the WOP Day lodge, see here for details. If you are getting a season equipment rental please sort out the paperwork/get sizing prior to the first ski practice; it could take 45 minutes to an hour on the first day to sort out your rentals.

Please label your child’s skis and poles with their names or they may get mixed up during games or drills.

Clothing and Other Equipment

What your child wears for ski practice should depending on the weather for the day. Dressing in layers is a good idea as kids will get warm while skiing. They will need a jacket and under layer (not cotton). For Bunnyrabbits and younger Jackrabbits, waterproof pants are good idea as falling is frequent.

Kids will also need waterproof mitts (younger kids) and gloves (older kids) as well as a toque or buff. Sunglasses for sunny days are also a great idea.

Children often get thirsty during ski practice. We recommend providing them with a water bottle (a small one in their pocket, small camelback, or waist belt with bottle). Bunnyrabbit sessions are usually short enough that water is not needed.

Backround Info

Wikipedia Entry for Cross Country Skiing

Our Provincial Asosocation: CCBC

Our National Association: Nordiq Canada


Fun Videos for Kids

Molly of Denali: Stand Back Up (Suitable for Bunnyrabbits)

The Story of Jack Rabbit (For adults and older children)

Rick Mercer Report: Paranordic Skiing


Waxing Videos