2019-2020 Membership

The Sea to Sky Nordics is a membership based club. Annual memberships run from May 1 – April 30.

Sea to Sky Nordics membership is required in order to register in any of our programs.

For 2018/2019 there are three options for membership:

Family membership: $25. For youth ages 18 and under, and their parents/guardians.

Adult membership: $20. For individuals ages 19 and older.

Supporter membership: $0. For volunteers and individuals interested in access to club social events and activities.

How to Register as a Member

Registration for 2019-2020 Sea to Sky Nordics membership will be available in late Spring.

Why Become a Member?

  • Membership is required to register in Sea to Sky Nordics programs
  • Great social events throughout the year
  • Support the growth of the nordic skiing community in the Sea to Sky Corridor

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