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The support of volunteers is required for events to run smoothly.  The following volunteer are needed at our Cross Country, Biathlon, and Ski Jumping & Nordic Combined competitions.

Competition Office
Volunteer & Sponsor Services

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The support of volunteers is required to assist with the daily operations related to the shooting range.

Range layout
Manning and operating the penalty loop
Range grooming
Operation and maintenance of targets
Supervision of competitors on the range and penalty loop
Exchange of rifles and replacing lost/defective ammunition
Range scoring and recording

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The cross-country program is volunteer run, and we are short these positions for the coming season:

Volunteer coaches
Volunteer Coordinator
Event Day Volunteer
Year-End Barbeque Coordinator
Race Volunteers
Wax Technician
and more…

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The hill crew prepares the inrun, the landing hill and the outrun. Most of this work is manual on hard snow and ice on slopes on 35 degrees. Most duties are performed on alpine skis or crampons.

Fill, grade and set tracks on the ice inrun
Fill and grade the landing hill
Maintain a level snow surface in decelerate / stop zone
Place and remove all hill decorations
Must have good alpine skiing skills and confidence
Fitness to perform physically demanding work