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Volunteer Coordinator

One volunteer required.

This is not as hard as it sounds! The Volunteer Coordinator gets the list of volunteers from the Program Coordinators, and then based on the events/roles/jobs that the Program Coordinators identify, the Volunteer Coordinator gets in touch with the parents who have signed up for different volunteer positions. For example: “We need 3 parents to help hand out cookies on Saturday!” Please ask Event Day Volunteers who are available, and then put them in contact with Jane Smith – this is her email”. This is a great role for someone who likes to ski during practice, but likes meeting other families in the program, and wants to help out with the club.

Event Day Volunteer

Many volunteers required.

Being an event day volunteer is a piece of cake! Just show up on the day of the event, or maybe the day before, and a smiling organizer will give you instructions. You might be handing out cookies or water, helping out with the year end barbeque, or building snow jumps for a fun obstacle course. These types of jobs require no previous experience and no special knowledge – you’re definitely qualified! We ask that you commit to be available for 3 events each ski season.

Hot-Chocolate Guru

ON HOLD DURING COVID. Two volunteers required.

The Hot Chocolate Guru brings hot chocolate and tasty post-ski biscuits for the kids to the tech room for the end of every practice. The club has two big ‘dispensers’ that the Hot-Chocolate Guru keeps clean and functioning for the season. This is a great fit for a volunteer family who wants to ski during practices, but will be at the tech room at the end of practices to make sure all the kids get a cookie each. Keep receipts for the hot-chocolate mix and cookies for refunds.

Year-End Barbeque Coordinator

Two volunteers required.

This event is our year-end celebration and chance to hang and enjoy another amazing season of the Sea-to-Sky Nordics program. The Barbeque Coordinator position is a great fit for someone who likes hosting their own backyard bbq’s and loves seeing people eat when they are hungry after a good ski. The BBQ coordinator will have access to Event-Day Volunteers to complete the following:

Purchase supplies for the bbq (keep receipts for refunds) – we have the shopping lists already! Delegate prep work to even day volunteers (slicing tomatoes, lettuce etc., for fixins), set-up and take-down the bbq from WOP storage, secure BBQ lovers to grill burgers and wieners (meat and veggie), related BBQ tasks

Due to COVID, the barbeque may turn into another end of year activity such as a cookie race or scavenger hunt, if that happens, we’ll team you up with another volunteer to get things sorted!

Home-Base Volunteer

Four volunteers required.

This volley position is all about being the back-up person near the stadium/tech room for when things go wrong and a coach needs to drop a kid off at the tech room or stadium until the parent can come and get their kid (aka – oops, I wet my snowpants). We have divided this role up by month and we’re looking for one volley each for December, January, February and March. This is a great fit for a non-skiing parent or grandparent, or the “technical fanatic” who is happy to do laps of the stadium area perfecting their kick and glide.

Race Volunteers

Many volunteers required.

Our club is quite shallow on the race event and coordination experience, but the good news is that there will be a number of big race events like the Canadian National XC Championships in 2022 at the World Junior under 23 Championships in 2023 at Whistler Olympic Park. These are two exciting events where experienced race volunteers will run the competition and all we need to do is help out and learn a bit more about supporting young ski racers in our highly talented corridor! Race Volunteers will commit to chipping in at Whistler Olympic Park race events a couple of times per year in the next two years. All you need to do is bundle up and help out in one of these areas:

Overall race coordination (supports the Chief of Race), setting up a race course with signs and v-boards (supports the Chief of Course), setting up the start and finish areas (supports the Chief of Stadium), record racers’ finish times (supports the Chief of Timing), setting up the snacks and drinks at the finish line (supports the Chief of Refreshments), hand out bibs and packages, answers questions (supports the Chief of Race).

Wax Technician

Two volunteers required.

This is a great position for the ‘wax geek type’ who really likes thinking about the type of wax matches the temperature (I know of a few of you…) The Wax Tech will commit to waxing skis for some our kids who participate in races, especially the older age groups who will benefit from optimal wax conditions. The wax technicians ideally would also hold drop in sessions for kids at various times throughout the season. The club pays for wax supplies, but we’d need you to make sure we are notified when stocks are running low. We have some nifty new equipment that lets skis be waxed quickly and effectively. This is another great volunteer role for a parent who likes to ski during practice but wants to chip in to the club and help support our young skiers!

Trailer Manager and Numbers Person

This is another easy breezy position for someone that is coming to Whistler Olympic Park with their families on Sundays anyway! Just head to the trailer to take out the meeting spot group numbers. While you are there, make sure the trailer stays tidy and stocked (our coaches are very tidy, so this should be easy), make notes on what needs replacing.

Parent Helper

Many volunteers required.

The parent helper should be available for at least 3 sessions to assist coaches with corralling kids and making sure there are no stragglers that go missing. If you are a great skier, demonstrating (showing off!) your technique might also be a great contribution. Generally you help your own child’s coach, but if you feel you’d be more valuable to another group, that can be arranged!