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Course volunteers must be able to ski. Course volunteers are responsible for all matters related to the course including:

  • Course layout and configurations
  • Manning and operating the course
  • Trail marking and signage
  • Staffing feed stations
  • Course control of competitors
  • Must be able to ski


Timing volunteers are responsible for all matters related to time-keeping and control of competitors in the start and finish areas including:

  • Control and supervision of start, finish and relay hand over zone
  • Manning and operating all timing and start/finish functions
  • Compiling of records sent by other groups
  • Production of results

Competition Office

The competition office is an indoor job that works out of the race office. The competition office is responsible for administrative matters including:

  • Bib distribution and pick up
  • Providing information to teams
  • Control of registrations and entries
  • Manage distribution of results, start lists, minutes and protests
  • Provide materials such as weather information, maps and diagrams
  • Receiving protests


Stadium volunteers are responsible for all support functions in the stadium area including:

  • Stadium layout and configuration
  • Provide a safe and secure field of play
  • Adjust fencing and access control for different events
  • Stadium grooming, marking and signage
  • Ensuring competitors equipment meets competition regulations

Volunteer & Sponsor Services

Volunteer and sponsor services is responsible for support functions related to volunteers and sponsors, including:

  • Volunteer check-in and coordination of onsite meals
  • Managing sponsors and other VIP’s on site

First Aid

Responsible for providing first aid to athletes, volunteers and spectators if needed.

  • Must have a minimum of OFA Level 1 or equivalent
  • Stocked First Aid backpack supplied for shift
The cross-country program is volunteer run, and we are short these positions for the coming season:


  • Volunteer coaches will receive free NCCP training and a seasons pass to WOP.


  • 4 Event Coordinator trainees (learn how to run an event!)
  • 1 Trailer Manager: organize & maintain XC program gear, purchase when necessary
  • 1 Club Wax Technician (based out of the trailer): Help kids wax at races, hold a clinic on waxing for club parents.
If you are interested in coaching, please contact our Coach Coordinator Julie at .
All other volunteer positions please contact our Family Coordinator Kim at .

Range Group

Responsible for all matters related to the shooting range including:

  • Range layout
  • Manning and operating the penalty loop
  • Range grooming
  • Operation and maintenance of targets
  • Control and supervision of competitors on the range and penalty loop
  • Exchange of rifles and replacing lost/defective ammunition
  • Range scoring and recording


The hill crew prepares the inrun, the landing hill and the outrun. Most of this work is manual on hard snow and ice on slopes on 35 degrees. Most duties are performed on alpine skis or crampons.

  • Fill, grade and set tracks on the ice inrun
  • Fill and grade the landing hill to create a smooth and hard snow surface
  • Maintain a level snow surface for the athletes to decelerate and stop
  • Place and remove all hill decorations
  • Must have good alpine skiing skills and confidence
  • Fitness to perform physically demanding work