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New Race Suits

October 5, 2020

Sea to Sky Nordics has designed a new race suit and warmup ski jacket for the upcoming season.

While the existing jackets are great and we will see them on the trails for many years to come, we thought it was time to update our look. 

Our race team was also keen to have an updated look!  So, if you have grown, are new to the club or just want a new jacket or race suit, we will take orders through winter registration on Zone 4.  Youth and adult sizes are available.  Any questions, please contact Sean Benson at seanbenson184@gmail.com.

Pieces on offer are:

  • Warm up jacket ($155 adult/140 youth)
  • Warm up pants – no logo ($80 adult/60 youth),
  • Race top ($125 biathlon/105 adult /90 youth),
  • Race bottom ($95 adult/75 youth),
  • Headband ($25) and
  • Toque ($30).

See our Uniforms page for full details