• 1. Biathlon Rifles are rented for one biathlon season. They are to be returned clean with all original parts by April 1, 2024. Rentals will not be prorated.
    2. Rifle Cleaning – After every use the bore must be cleaned using a cotton wick or patch. The bolt and other parts exposed to powder, dirt, etc. should be cleaned with solvent, toothbrush and dental pick to remove dirt and powder residue on a bi-weekly basis or more frequently as needed.
    3. The renter is financially responsible for all loss or any damage to the rifle. All payment for damages or loss will be made by April 15, 2024.
    4. Rented Biathlon rifles must only be used for biathlon training or competition. Renters must replace broken firing pins or other parts. Biathlon rifles must not be used for any type of hunting.
    5. Ammunition and the rifle must be stored separately (different parts of the house). Only target grade 0.22 LR standard velocity ammunition will be used in the rifle.
    6. The rental fee for one season from May 1 to April 1 is $300. Fees are due with forms as soon as rifle is issued to athlete.
    7. It is recommended that you use a cable lock for safety when the rifle is not in use.
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