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Sea to Sky Nordics is looking to hire for the following position:


Position Title: Technical Director

Type of employment: Contract

Contract amount: $10,000

Term: June 1, 2019 – March 31, 2020

Schedule: as required to fulfill duties

Reporting to: Board of Directors

1. Chair of Sport Committee: The Technical Director will chair the club’s sport committee with representatives from biathlon, cross-country, ski jumping and Nordic combined. They will schedule regular meetings to allow the disciplines to work in a coordinated fashion and deliver high quality programs.

2. Financial Coordination: The Technical Director will work with each discipline to prepare a budget for approval by the Board of Directors. The Technical Director will work with each discipline to ensure that program revenues and expenses are in accordance with the strategic direction set by the board and within the parameters of the approved budget.

3. Program Delivery: The Technical Director will work with representatives of each discipline to coordinate the various discipline programs They will use a multi-sport model for the introduction of youth sport and will help the club deliver NSO recognized programs as well as our own.

4. Coach Development: The Technical Director will develop a comprehensive system to recruit, train and manage a skilled and knowledgeable team of great coaches. They will maintain a record of the number and certification level of club coaches and advise the Board of Directors on coach development priorities. Coach training will follow CAC guidelines and integrate discipline specific training opportunities.


The Technical Director will be expected to coordinate the creation of budgets and proposed programs for each discipline by July 3, 2019.
They will be expected to attend program start-up and make frequent visits to ongoing programs in each of the Nordic disciplines. They may be required to coach certain club programs or sessions as needed.

Required Checks and Certifications:

– Red Cross Standard First Aid and CPR-C and AED certificate or equivalent required
– RCMP Criminal Record Check required
– NCCP training/certification in Cross Country Skiing and Biathlon is required; NCCP training/certification in Ski Jumping and/or Nordic Combined is desired.

Interested? Please email you application letter to info@seatoskynordics.ca

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