Ski Jumping

Program Description

Ski Hoppers is our ski jumping program that introduces participants to the joy of flight on skis.  We will work through a progression of dryland and on snow skills and movements under the tutelage of experienced and skilled coaches. By the end of the program participants will be comfortable and competent jumping on the brand new youth training jumps at Whistler Olympic Park.

To get the most out of this program participants should be competent alpine or cross-country skiers.

This year Whistler Sport Legacies is running introductory ski jumping programs.

The ‘Hoppers’ Ski Jumping clinics are multi-session flight schools that guide participants through all of the skills required to ski jump. These sessions culminate in jumps from the 20 or 40 meter junior hill.

Full details on the WOP Ski Jump programs can be found here:

Fall Dryland Training (ages 9 and up)

Fall Training is intended for young athletes who enjoy skiing and Nordic sports and are keen to develop their skiing skills and abilities. The training involves a wide variety of ski-specific and general dryland activities, including roller skiing, circuit training, strengthening, ski bounding/striding, running and biking.

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