Recreational Biathlon

Program Description

Our Recreational Biathlon program is for ages 19 and older. The goal of the program is to develop skiing and shooting skills, to learn about the sport of biathlon, and to enjoy participating in an fun and active outdoor sport-for-life.

This program can be enjoyed year after year as an opportunity for notice and recreational biathletes to participate in the sport of biathlon, or can provide the necessary experience in order to join our Masters Biathlon.

Registration Prerequisites

– membership with the Sea to Sky Nordics (click here to register)
– registration with Biathlon Canada as a “Recreational Athlete” (click here to register)
– for winter Recreational biathlon programs, at least one season of ski experience (nordic or alpine)
– no biathlon or shooting experience is required but prior participation in a biathlon camp, recreational biathlon race or demo day is recommended

Schedule and Dates

2019 Fall Season

Saturdays – 8 sessions
Dates: Sep 14 – Nov 2
Time: 15:30-17:00
Location:  Squamish Legacy Sports Park
Activities: shooting training, and a mix of dryland training activities including running, strengthening, agility/balance/coordination and other activities.

2019-2020 Winter Season

Details will be announced in September.

Program Fees

2019 Fall Season

$300 (includes use of rifle and ammunition)

2019-2020 Winter Season

Details will be announced in September.


Equipment Required

Athletic wear, running shoes, a yoga mat or similar type of mat. A mountain bike is optional for those who have challenges with running. A biathlon rifle and ammunition will be provided.

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