Throughout the year, we host a series of one and two day biathlon camps for adults. These camps provide fun skill development for novice and experienced biathletes alike.

In order to participate in these camps, you must be a registered participant with Biathlon Canada, US Biathlon or equivalent for the 2018-2019 season. Registration with Biathlon Canada is available here:

Camp Descriptions

Our Advanced Camps are for athletes ages 19 and older who have prior competitive biathlon experience. In addition to providing technical training for skiing and shooting, these camps will include workshops on various topics such as ski preparation, rifle maintenance, and race tactics.

Our Novice Camps are for novice and recreational participants ages 19 and older. Have you been introduced to biathlon and want to try it some more? The camps feature fun drills and games that focus on developing the fundamentals of skiing and shooting, and are designed to keep people engaged in the sport of biathlon and to provide a pathway to our Masters Biathlon program and Advanced Camps. While they are for new participants, our Novice Camps are not intended to be a first introduction to the sport.  Participants must have prior skate skiing experience and have participated in a Biathlon Series event or other introductory biathlon lesson prior to participating in our Novice Camps.

Please note there is limited space in the camps: 8 participants for the advanced camps and 6 participants for the novice camps.

2018-2019 Winter Camp Schedule

December 2: One Day Advanced Camp
December 16: One Day Novice Camp
December 27: One Day Novice Camp
December 28-29: Two Day Advanced Camp
January 13: One Day Advanced Camp
January 27: One Day Advanced Camp
February 10: One Day Novice camp
February 24: One Day Advanced Camp
March 10: One Day Novice Camp
March 23-24: Two Day Advanced Camp

Camp Fees

One Day Novice Camps: $100
One Day Advanced Camps: $60
Two Day Advanced Camps: $100


Online registration for these camps is available at

Trail Passes

Participants without seasons passes to Whistler Olympic Park will be able to purchase discount trail passes  for the camps in connection with registration ($16.50 plus GST per day).

What to Bring

Advanced Camps: athletes are required to provide their own skate ski equipment, biathlon rifle and ammunition.

Novice Camps: participants must provide their own ski equipment (skis, boots, poles). Ski equipment can be rented from Whistler Olympic Park. All biathlon equipment (rifle and ammunition) will be provided.

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