Sea to Sky will be offering weekly training for the Junior and Senior Development Teams.
Seniors will continue with Monday team meetings, Thursday dryland in Squamish and Whistler and Saturday’s at WOP.
Juniors will have dryland training on Wednesday in North Vancouver, Squamish and Whistler as well as a shooting session on Sunday morning OR afternoon at WOP.

You will have the choice to register for each week, if you choose all the weeks offered, you will receive a 25% discount off the weekly rate.

Cross Country athletes are welcome to join the dryland sessions at a fee of $10.00/session. There is no zone 4 registration option for XC, please contact me if you are interested.

We have three separate links to register:

Juniors Morning

Juniors Afternoon




Club members can now use the Squamish biathlon range on their own.

There following range agreement will need to be signed and submitted, as well as a few other steps outlined in the procedure document below:

Squamish Range Access Agreement

2020-2021 Annual Range Pass Registration

Please refer to the Squamish Range Schedule document provided to members for range availability.


Our biathlon programs and for ages 10 and up. Read below for a summary of our programs and click on each program link for more details on each program including upcoming program dates and registration.

September 2019 Update – Volunteer Coaches Needed!

The capacity of our biathlon programs is limited by the number of NCCP certified skiing and shooting coaches we have. We are currently recruiting coaches to increase the capacity of our Biathlon Bears and Development Team programs. NCCP coaching courses and technical training are provided by local facilitators. Parents who coach are guaranteed spots in our programs for their children! If you are interested in becoming a coach for our biathlon program, please contact

Biathlon Bears (ages 10-13)

Biathlon Bears is a three-level progressive skill development program that teaches the basic skills of biathlon in a safe and fun environment through a combination of drills, games and relays. The goal of the program is to build confidence and develop skiing skills, to introduce shooting skills, and to provide a fun introduction to an active, outdoor sport-for-life.

Development Team (ages 13-18)

Our Development Team is a race program for experienced skiers who are passionate about Biathlon and consider it their primary winter sport activity. This program combines the development of skiing and shooting skills with a focus on training and racing. Athletes on our Development Team will receive training plans created by our coaches, who will also monitor the athletes progress with their training plan. The program is divided into two groups: a Junior Development program for athletes who will be competing in the Junior Boys/Girls category, and a Senior Development program for athletes who will be competing in the Senior Boys/Girls or Youth Men/Women categories.

Teen Leadership Program (ages 14-18)

This program is an alternative to our Development Team for teens who want to continue in the sport of biathlon on a recreational basis and to begin to develop coaching and officiating skills.

This program will involve skiing and shooting, while assisting club coaches with sessions for the Biathlon Bears. The program will also involve helping officiate at biathlon events hosted in Whistler.

The goal of the program is to continue to engage teenagers to be active through the sport of biathlon, while encouraging them to develop coaching and officiating skills by assisting club coaches and officials. This program can be used for volunteer hours required for school programs and certification options for coaching and officiating are available through the program as well.

Masters Biathlon (ages 19 and up)

Our Masters Biathlon program is a competition-focused training program for experienced biathletes ages 19 and older. The program is structured to optimize performance in provincial and regional biathlon competitions.

Recreational Biathlon (ages 19 and up)

Our recreational biathlon program is designed to introduce new participants to the sport of biathlon, and to provide an opportunity a fun biathlon experience for recreational and novice biathletes. This program also provides a pathway to our Masters Biathlon program for new participants in the sport.

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