Club Summer Biathlon Camp 3

August 11, 2017 – August 13, 2017 all-day

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Camp Description

Our club summer biathlon camps are for athletes born in 2004 and older whose primary winter sport is biathlon. The program involves rollerskiing, shooting, and a variety of ski-specific and general activities which keep training fun and challenging.

The purpose of our summer camps is to set athletes up for a successful season by developing skiing and shooting skills, and by training for speed and endurance.


At least one season of prior shooting and skate skiing experience is required for our club summer biathlon camps. Exceptions may be granted for advanced cross country skiers without shooting experience who are interested in joining the club biathlon team this winter.

All participants in our biathlon camps and programs must be registered participants with Biathlon Canada or US Biathlon.

If you have any questions about your eligibility for our club summer biathlon camps please contact Clay Whitman at

Equipment Required

– skate rollerskis
– good quality skate boots
– running shoes
– skate poles with rollerski tips
– bike helmet
– high-visibility/reflective vest or clothing
– gloves
– long pants and long sleeve shirt recommended when roller skiing
– drink belt, snacks
– extra clothing as appropriate for conditions
– knee pads (recommended for beginners)
– heart rate monitor (for athletes born in 2004 and older)
– rifle (rifles will be provided for athletes born in 2005-2007)
– arm cuff (for athletes born in 2004 and older)

Participants should bring lunch and snacks. Please note there are no food service facilities at Whistler Olympic Park in the summer, although there is a snack shop at the biathlon range.

Camp Schedule

Friday: Training and activities at Whistler Olympic Park from 9:00-16:00

Saturday: Training and activities at Whistler Olympic Park from 9:00-16:00, followed by a social activity in Whistler (dinner included)

Sunday: Participation in the Summer Biathlon Series 2 event and other activities from 9:00-16:00

Camp Fees

Payment can be made by cash, cheque or e-transfer and must be received at or prior to the start of the camp.

Youth: $150
Adults: $200

Directions to Whistler Olympic Park

These camps are held at the Whistler Olympic Park biathlon range.

Whistler Olympic Park is located at 5 Callaghan Valley Road, in the Callaghan Valley south of Whistler. The biathlon range is at the far end of the Park. Parking is available in front of the biathlon building.

When you arrive at the Whistler Olympic Park entrance gate, tell the staff that you are there for a Sea to Sky Nordics biathlon camp and they will let you in without charge.


If you need accommodations for the camp please contact the Whistler Athletes Centre and tell them you are staying in Whistler for a Sea to Sky Nordics biathlon camp.

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