Club Vauhti Wax Order


A group order for Vauhti wax products and other accessories is being organized this spring for members of the Sea to Sky Nordics. By ordering in the spring we are able to receive a significant discount on Vauhti products.

Payment must be made when the order is placed, and the order will be received in the fall before the following ski season.

If you are interested in ordering some wax through the club order, please send an email to for the price list and the order form.

In order to take advantage of volume and early ordering discounts, orders and payments must be received by April 20th.

The quick liquid products are highly recommended for recreational skiers. The LF and GW Liquid Glide products can be applied in minutes and do not require ironing or scraping.

For more details about Vauhti wax products, check out the catalog here: Vauhti Wax Catalog

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